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28 May 2011

Onward to Pineland Farms!

The Pineland Farms running festival in New Gloucester, ME  is where all the excitement is this weekend. Well, actually not.. It was pretty quiet when I stopped by this afternoon to pick up my number, but that was probably not helped by what now seem like permanently overcast skies in the northeast. Tomorrow will be my second 50k, and my first real trail race of any length. Since we haven't gone more than a day without rain in the last two weeks, I'm guessing the course will be wet. I've already decided to leave a drop bag at the halfway point with a dry pair of socks and shoes in case it gets too wet, but I managed to run an entire marathon in pouring rain  (and PR!) two weeks ago, so I don't anticipate having to use them. I stopped at the Timberland outlet and got a great deal on two pairs of "Timberland Mountain Athletics" socks because of a coupon I had, so now I have a new pair of socks to wear at the race. Also, Merrell was at the race registration giving each runner a free pair of their new "micro" socks, so today was a good day for socks!

I'm still getting over another cold, so a steady diet of advil, mucinex, vicks, and LOTS of water has been my companion for the last week, but my Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday runs to work and back were good (although a little slow because of the rain and/or humidity), so I feel like my legs are in good shape for tomorrow. I'm just hoping the rain holds off until the last hour of the race, when I'll really need it. The 50k starts at 8 am, and my hotel is about an hour north of the race, so I'll need to leave here at 6:30 tomorrow morning and hope there's a place to get coffee and a bagel somewhere between here and the highway. Hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures with my phone in the morning and post them when I get home tomorrow night. Until then..